What is CAV_SHOCK?

CAV_SHOCK is a Web Application which calculates the stresses and particle velocities generated during 1-D strain shock loading for a stack of materials. Calculations can be performed for multiple targets and reloading for one. The cross-Hugoniot diagram can be plotted in the P-Up space.

Two-wave structures, phase changes and porosity are not considered. The re-shock Hugoniot is approximated by the reflection of the principal, with similar approximations for the release.

What is it not?

CAV_SHOCK is not a web hydrocode. However, I have included a free 1-D Langrangian hydrocode to download. It is written by J. Borg of Marquette University. It is based on KO. The algorithm can be found in the book by M.L. Wilkins 'Computer Simulation of Dynamic Phenomena', ISBN 3-540-63070-8, Springer-Verlag, 1999. Get it here.

An updated version called CAV_KO written in Visal Basic and included as a macro in Excel with a GUI is available here.

Is it free?

CAV_SHOCK is free to use on-line for most academic and governmental institutions, although some restrictions apply. Requests for the source code will only be considered on a case-by-case basis. Contact me to get a user name/password or for acquiring the source code.

Use this application at your own risk. I accept NO liability for any issues or problems pertaining to the use of CAV_SHOCK. By using this application you confirm that you accept full responsibility.